MARA™ Class II Corrector

The MARA (Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance) is a Class II corrector. Dr. Van Allen attaches it to your first molars with heavy-duty bands. In contrast to removable repositioning appliance, this “non-compliance” approach to Class II correction results in greater reliability of tooth movement and reduced treatment time.

What is Class II correction?

A Class II malocclusion is commonly known as an overjet. It occurs when your lower teeth and jaw grow at a slower pace than the upper teeth and jaw. This results in the lower teeth and jaw being slightly behind where it should be for an ideal bite.

How MARA Improves Treatment

Treating a Class II malocclusion with MARA is easy and comfortable. The appliance encourages the growth of the lower jaw by placing gentle pressure on the teeth. You will generally adapt to the MARA in a few days and sore spots are minimal. The smaller size of the appliance also increases comfort and provides better aesthetics than other Class II appliances.